Aerial, reconstructive Interpretations of Human History


What's in store?
We just finished two major projects, which were several years in the making: One was about the castles of Drei Gleichen in Germany and the other about the last Kamikaze to sink a US ship in WWII. Both were published in "Renaissance" and "History" Magazine respectively.

The History of the V2
With those efforts behind us we can focus on a couple of projects we have been working on for a while and we will continue to do so. The first is about a comprehensive review of the German A4/V2 rocket and its bigger role as the first man-made object to reach space. This project has been going on for several years now and will likely to continue for a few more. So far we have published a few articles but that is only laying the ground-work for a bigger effort, which will culminate in the publication of a fairly comprehensive book about the development and history of the A4/V2 rocket.

The Greek fleet at Salamis and Athens
For a couple of years we have been working on a project regarding the battle of Salamis and the role the Athenian Navy played thereafter within the area of the Agean. We have already reconstructed major ports such as Cenchreae (depicted) and Zea (Piraeus) and we will be focusing our research on the Hellenistic era warships this year and how they relate to the harbors of the Piraeus.

This project has been successfully completed and the findings have been published in the magazine "Ancient Warfare" of January/December 2019.

Parts of our expedition to Greece in 2016 focused on Artemis in Ancient Corinth. Those findings have been published in "History Magazine" of Dececember/January 2019.